Growing nº 12 mai-jun 2023

Kiplant AllGrip: The sustainable solution for vineyards

Kiplant AllGrip is a technological solution composed of a consortium of microorganisms that solubilize Phosphorus and produce phytohormones:

It promotes direct hormonal action on plant growth and productivity.

Increases the absorption of Phosphorus, allowing a significant reduction of conventional fertilization.

Increases the efficacy of nutrient assimilation.

Promotes the biological activity of soils.

Kiplant AllGrip increases tolerance to abiotic stress and reduces the action of pathogenic fungi associated with vineyard diseases in the soil.

The results were obtained through metagenomic analysis in the plot where Kiplant AllGrip was applied and in the control modality, through DNA sequencing of bacteria (16S rRNA), fungi (ITS) and sequencing of certain specific functional genes.

Fig.1. Effect of Kiplant AllGrip on the soil microbial community associated with phytohormone production.
Source: Biomakers, Certified company for trials.

The increase in phytohormones associated with the application of Kiplant AllGrip, has a direct action on the growth of lateral roots and branches, and on the development of floral organs of the plants.

Fig.2. Effect of Kiplant AllGrip on the community of soil microorganisms associated with the production of stress adaptation compounds.
Source: Biomakers, Certified company for trials.

Kiplant AllGrip also induced a large increase in groups of microorganisms that synthesize compounds that increase plant tolerance to stress (water, salinity, heavy metals, etc.).

Fig.3. Effect of Kiplant AllGrip on reducing the presence of pathogenic fungi associated with vine diseases in the soil.
Source: Biomakers, Certified company for trials.

The application of Kiplant AllGrip has a direct effect on the increase of microorganisms associated with the production of phytohormones such as Auxins (+55.4%), Cytokinins (+46.9%) and Gibberellins (+52.7%).

In addition, the application of microorganisms also leads to the production of stress adaptation compounds such as exopolysaccharides (+24.6%), ACC deaminases (+146.8%), salinity tolerance (+57.6%) and heavy metal solubilization (+39.1%).

Kiplant AllGrip also reduces the presence of pathogenic fungi associated with grapevine diseases, with a clear reduction of Botrytis spp. by 4.3%, Aspergillus spp. by 33.3%, Phaeoacremonium spp. by 43.3% and Cladosporium spp. by 24.7%.



Carlos Raimundo is a cherry grower in Fundão — Portugal, with the brand Quinta Tapada da Ladeira.
He made 2 applications of Kiplant AllGrip at doses of 3l/ha and 2l/ha in the 1st and 2nd applications, respectively, and observed a great vegetative development, even with the adverse weather conditions. The application of Kiplant AllGrip has increased yield quality, reduced chemical fertilizer units applied and, in turn, reduced the cost of production.



For the first time, we were present in New Zealand, at the 10th World Avocado Congress, with the presentations of Dr. Braulio Lemus with the theme: “Foliar application of silicon in the prevention of sunburn in avocado” and “Management of root rot caused by Phytophthora cinnamomi Rands with beneficial microorganisms”. An event that brought together the world’s leading avocado researchers, producers, and technicians.


Our experimental station is already equipped with intelligent Digital Plant Phenotyping technology, which allows several morphological (biomass, leaf area) and physiological parameters (NDVI, SPAD) of the plant to be evaluated in real time. Through this innovative technology it is possible to monitor and define the mode of action of our solutions, more effectively and in a reduced time.



Joana Lisboa joined Asfertglobal as Marketing Manager, where she coordinates all the company’s Marketing initiatives. She holds a Master’s degree in Agronomic Engineering from Instituto Superior de Agronomia, with a specialization in Horticulture and Viticulture and a post-graduate degree in Digital Marketing from Lusofona University of Lisbon. “We are aware that our success depends on our corporate culture focused on innovation and sustainability, which enables us to meet the growing demand for residue-free, biofertilization solutions and biological crop protection.”

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