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The importance of botanical extracts

With growing environmental awareness, pressure against the use — or at least for a significant reduction — of pesticides and other synthetic compounds harmful to human health and the environment has increased. As such, effective alternatives must be sought.

And while it is true nature raises questions, it can also provide answers! Through their own defence mechanisms against biotic and abiotic stresses, plants produce a number of secondary metabolites and essential oils that are effective in combating certain fungi and insects.

The understanding of this process allows the industry to replicate their actions and create products that meet such needs. The use of these naturally-sourced essential oils has served as an effective response to this specific action – an alternative to conventional synthetic pesticides –, resulting in a reduced environmental impact.

When extracted from plants, essential oils enable products to have a direct or repellent action on certain insects, the protection against extreme cold or heat, and the enhanced efficacy of conventional agrochemicals, thus effectively reducing their use.

As a result, Asfertglobal has developed Kiplant Essence, which, due to its special formulation, helps to reduce the humidity on the surface of the plant, helps improving the homogeneity and adherence of the spray mixture and it also increasing the effectiveness of other products applied in combination.

The effectiveness of this product has been highly tested. Here, we present the results of two years of trials carried out by Anadiag (Certified trial company).

Greenhouse tomato trial carried out in Montemor-o-Velho, Portugal, to assess the agricultural efficacy of Kiplant Essence. The trial was carried out using 3 treatments and 4 repetitions, with 2 foliar applications of Kiplant Essence at 2.5 l/ha and 5 l/ha. The second application took place 7 days after the first.


» The count made after the second application of Kiplant Essence showed a significantly higher reduction when compared to the untreated tomatoes, with the reference product showing a similar response. Kiplant Essence offers the advantage of being a totally residue-free, naturally-sourced solution.


Greenhouse tomato trial carried out in Póvoa de Varzim, Portugal, to assess the agricultural efficacy of Kiplant Essence in comparison with the Thiamethoxam-based product. The foliar applications of the products were carried out on 17/05/2019 and 24/05/2019. Kiplant Essence was applied with a dose of 4 l/ha and Thiamethoxam of 300 g/ha.


» Kiplant Essence showed a similar efficacy to that of Thiamethoxam at 300 g/ha with the advantage of it being a product made from natural compounds.

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We have renewed our corporate image

We’ve renewed our corporate image in order to reinforce our positioning towards the future of agriculture, which involves the crops sustainability and the natural resources preservation.

A budding new agriculture” is our new signature. It intends to demonstrate the research capability and reflects our identity: a reference in sustainability, attentive to the evolution and needs of customers and mirroring the vision that drives us, the agriculture of the future.

Training Action at FrutOeste

On 3 March, Asfertglobal organised a training session at FrutOeste, led by the technical sales representative Bruno Fernandes, to present Asfertglobal's strategy for the production of fruit trees with zero waste.

We started in the South American market

Asfertglobal made its first sales to Peru and Chile and, in this way, conquered the challenge of reaching the Latin American market.

We strengthen internationalisation towards
North and Central America

We are still committed to the growth and increasing international presence of our products and for that reason we’ve decided to expand our business to the north and Central America’s markets. In order to achieve those objectives, Paulo Iria Antunes, an international reference in entrepreneurship, accepted the challenge to be the next Asfertglobal’s partner/manager, responsible for leading the operations, and help our company to be successful on these new markets.

customer experience
Tümer TÜRK, agricultural technician in the Adana region of Turkey, applied KIPLANT ESSENCE to combat the Citrus Mealybug (Planococcus citri).

Citrus orchards are frequently attacked by various species of mealybugs. The species that most attacks this crop is the Planococcus citri.

The damage caused by its feeding activity and the excretion of honeydew from its populations, which tend to concentrate on fruits in the growth phase, results in the fall, discoloration and deformation of the fruits, as well as a reduction in their size or the formation of smoke that leads to indirect damage.

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Tümer used Kiplant Essence in a citrus orchard to combat this pest. He sprayed the orchard with 3.5 litres of Kiplant Essence (3.5 l /1000l water) and the results were amazing.

After the application (3-7 days) there was a sharp reduction in the colony. The farmer could not be more satisfied with the results

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