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Plant dormancy

Dormancy in plants is a process that corresponds to a state of temporary metabolic inactivity, which is an adaptive process that enables the plants to successfully survive periods of cold in winter. During this period, the plants produce growth inhibitors in their foliage and the plants stop growing, they enter a rest period in order to save energy, and there is no photosynthesis or plant respiration occurs during this time. This process does not harm the plants but merely "puts them to sleep".

When better growing conditions come around, the plants are supposed to become active again. However, the fundamental needs for cold in order to return to the normal growth process are often not met and this can cause an irregular break in dormancy. All of this causes significant delays in harvests, affects heterogeneity in size and fruit-ripening, compromising the quality of production.

The chemical products used nowadays to anticipate, increase and homogenise the budding are based on reproducing the effects of the cold, which inhibits the catalase enzyme. The best-known active substance is Hydrogen Cyanamide, however its use has been prohibited in the past few years due to its high toxicity and risk to the applicator.

Kiplant Inducer helps keep flowering consistent and boost production.
Kiplant Inducer fosters an early start to the growing cycle of fruit-bearing plants, resulting in more vigorous and even germination, as well as helping to increase the number of viable buds, thereby boosting production. The nutrients and organic compounds present in Kiplant Inducer act at cell level, modifying the physiological aspects that increase the genetic expression of the plant tissues.
A trial conducted by ANADIAG on kiwi crops in Oliveira do Bairro in Portugal found that, as a result of the application of Kiplant Inducer + Kiplant HB15, production on the treated portions was 19% higher than on the untreated ones.
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José Henriques is in charge of HBIO Lda, which operates a fruit farm of about 25 hectares that grows Rocha variety pears and Gala apples. He has known Asfertglobal since it was founded.
“I chose to work with Asfertglobal products because I know the company's way of working and I know that I can count on quality products, innovation and excellent technical support.”

José Henriques (HBIO)
“At the beginning of the year, I applied Kiplant Inducer on my Gala apple plantation and the result lived up to my expectations because the goal was to get flowering and the cycle started early, and that’s what happened. This will give me the advantage of being able to bring harvesting forward. At this moment, the treated portion is already nearing the end of flowering, while on other untreated portions bud break is just starting now (24 March)”. Macieiras (HBIO)
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