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Biofertilisers as promoters of soil life and functionality

Soils are the main source of production in agriculture. Fertile and functional soils are essential to maximise crop growth and optimise productivity. However, due to excessive use of chemical fertilisers and the impact of climate change, soil degradation is worsening. This degradation interferes with the activity of microorganisms, which are a fundamental component of soils because they ensure the biogeochemical cycles of Nitrogen (N), Phosphorus (P), and Carbon (C), guarantee the protection of the plant against phytopathogenic agents and increase plant resistance against abiotic stress.

Therefore, the application of biofertilisers (microbiologically based products) contributes significantly to balance and promote life in the soil, improving its functionality, as shown by independent tests conducted with our biofertilisers:

Kiplant All-Grip as promoter of increased soil microbial life in tomato cultivation

The application of Kiplant All-Grip (made up of beneficial soil bacteria) on a greenhouse tomato crop in the Torres Vedras region has led to a very significant increase in the abundance and biomass of microorganisms, thus promoting soil functionality.

These positive effects resulted in productivity gains, with a 22% increase in harvesting, owing to the use of Kiplant All-Grip.

— N.B.: Grey represents the control group and green or brown represent Kiplant-All-Grip biofertiliser —

Kiplant iNmass, Kiplant All-Grip, and Mycoshell to increase soil microbial activity in apple trees
In a long-term study that the National Institute for Agricultural and Veterinary Research (INIAV) has been carrying out on apple trees, at the Estação Nacional de Fruticultura Vieira Natividade, with the application of Kiplant iNmass, Kiplant All-Grip and Mycoshell Tabs biofertilisers, the soil analyses carried out a few months after planting show significant growth in soil enzymatic activity related to the decomposition and transformation of organic matter, as regards the level of Carbon (C), Nitrogen (N) and Phosphorus (P).
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closer to the customer
Fruit Attraction 2019
Madrid, SPAIN
Asfertglobal was present at Fruit Attraction 2019, which took place in Madrid, from 22 to 24 October. This year, Asfertglobal had its largest stand ever, of 64m², and took the opportunity to present its products, namely Kiplant Essence and Mycoshell Tabs.
Biostimulants World Congress
Barcelona, SPAIN 
The Asfertglobal team was present at the 4th Biostimulants World Congress, which took place in Barcelona from 18th to 21st November. This is an international meeting of a technical and scientific nature of great importance to the sector, due to the quality of topics addressed and the presence of experts and high-profile speakers.
From 19th November to 22nd November, Asfertglobal was also at YugAgro in Krasnodar, Russia. This was a strategically relevant presence, as Russia is one of Asfertglobal's most important internacional markets.
Growtech Eurasia
Asfertglobal was present at Growtech, the world's largest fair for the greenhouse industry, held from 27th to 30th November in Antalya. Turkey is the 7th largest agricultural producer in the world and another major export market for Asfertglobal, and this has been an excellent opportunity to further develop our activity in this country.
customer experience
Pedro Pinho is responsible for about 1500 hectares of industrial tomatoes, 530 hectares of rice, and about 120 hectares of corn, having started using Kiplant All-Grip biofertiliser from the very first agronomic trials in the field.
“It was one of the first biofertilisers that I started working with, and it immediately gave me a new perspective on crop fertilisation. This product has shown very interesting agronomic results, not only because of the consistent increase in yields, but also because of the development of crops with less chemical fertilisers, increased plant heath, and even because of plant precocity.”

Pedro Pinho
Pedro Pinho has been working with Asfertglobal since 2012 and clearly states why he is a loyal customer:

Asfertglobal’s products are cost effective and guarantee good agronomic results, providing a wide range that covers all the needs of the different crops I work with. In addition, they have a professional team that always strives to find or adapt new solutions to our problems or needs.
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