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Soil, source of life or not

Who among us has not already heard the expression 'tired soil' used to mention a degraded soil whose agricultural production has fallen sharply?

This degradation may result from direct or indirect factors, and the processes involved may be physical, chemical and biological (including the reduction of soil microorganisms). These microorganisms are the main agents of the soil’s biochemical activity, establishing important interactions between soil components (particularly in the rhizosphere) and plants.

Arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi (AMF) represent a significant component in the ecosystems, since they exert a great influence on the growth and adaptation of the plants to biotic and abiotic stresses, resulting in the strengthening of their defenses. From the association between the AMF and the roots, mycorrhizas occur that have marked effects on the plants, namely, root development, optimization of water relations, improvement of nutrient absorption and increase of production. Studies on agricultural soils with different degradation situations have demonstrated the importance of mycorrhizas as recuperative agents and optimizers of agricultural crops.

Mycoshell: mycorrhizas in crop optimization
Mycoshell Tabs in apple trees in Alcobaça (Portugal)

In order to evaluate the effectiveness of Mycoshell Tabs in the vegetative development of apple trees in the 1st year, applications in potted trees at the time of transplantation were carried out at INIAV (National Station of Fruticulture Vieira Natividade). In February 2019, 6 plants of each modality (control and Mycoshell Tabs) were unpacked and destroyed for quantification of biometric parameters.

Results: At the end of the first year with the application of Mycoshell Tabs we obtained larger and more balanced plants due to a marked increase in vegetative growth, both at the root level and at aerial level. There was an increase in the number of main roots (+ 31.9%) and average weight of the branches (+ 18.1%) in relation to the control.

Mycoshell Dripper in strawberry
in Montemor-o-Velho (Portugal)
The effectiveness of Mycoshell Dripper - at two different doses - was evaluated for root transplant in the strawberry crop. Results: The application of Mycoshell Dripper resulted in a significant increase in root length (quantified in two dates) and in the total yield obtained, in which there was an increase of 36.6% and 40.0%, in the 2 kg / ha and 4 kg / ha respectively.
Mycoshell Tabs Tested on Corn and Beans in South Africa

The effectiveness of Mycoshell Tabs applied in pots to maize and bean crops was evaluated at two doses and compared to a control (untreated).

Results: In corn the application of Mycoshell Tabs resulted in a statistically superior efficacy (ANOVA and Fisher Test) in both doses. Compared to the control, the yield of fresh biomass obtained was + 2.0% and + 17.0% in the 1 tab / pot and 2 tabs / pot, respectively.

In beans, a statistically higher efficacy was obtained at the highest dose of Mycoshell Tabs (2 tabs / pot). The amount of fresh biomass produced was higher by 9.5% and by 33.3% at the dose 1 tab / pot and 2 tabs / pot, respectively and comparatively to the control.

closer to the customer
Many customers and technicians visited us during the 30th edition of OVIBEJA - Agricultural Fair that took place between 24 and 28 April.

At the stand of our distributor SAMUEL SALGADO, we received, throughout the fair, producers and technicians with a special focus on the production of almond, olive and grapes.

The Mycoshell Tabs (mycorrhiza in tablets) was the product highlighted by the good acceptance that it is having in particular in its application in new plantations and replantation.
customer experience
Trees with good root/shoot balance, which have a healthy and strong root, associated with a good amount of fine roots that will minimize the transplant crisis. This is the profile of the tree intended by the producer (and by the nursery).
We were listening to Eddie Vorster, citrus farmer of the Mahela Group (Letsitele, South Africa).
Concerning the current needs in citrus nursery he shared that “We want to grow a strong rootstock in the nursery so that we will be able to have strong and even sized trees after grafting in the nursery.

After the application of Mycoshell there was a big improvement in the even size of the rootstock plants, stronger rootstock plants with a bigger stem circumference. The plants were also bigger than the untreated plants. We used the Mycoshell in the plant medium.”

“To see what are the results of the fruit bearing trees that were grown in the growth medium mixed with Mycoshell, that will be observed in the next 12 months. We are very pleased with the results so far, the mortality rate of rootstock plant reduced dramatically.”
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