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Fruits and vegetables responsibly produced, healthy and tasty, that is what the consumer seeks.

Clients, producers and consumers are increasingly more concerned with the environmental impact of the activities, services and products they consume.

Agriculture, climate changes and food security are more united than ever. And if agriculture is responsible for 24% of greenhouse gas emissions it’s also true that the agricultural production is the sector most affected by climate change, namely due to the droughts and floods, that threaten production and food safety.

Adverse climate change has led the producers to a greater rigor of criteria in the fertilization and protection of the crops to make fruits and vegetables available with the minimum of chemicals, such as consumers yearn for.

The producers incessantly look to innovate through the use of new technologies that, in alternative or as a complement, make it possible to circumvent the alterations in the conditions of production and make agricultural products with the very highest standards of quality available.

And year after year we consume more local fruits and vegetables and, therefore, more fruits and vegetables produced in a responsible way.
Chitosan, Silicon and Copper Heptagluconate: examples of efficient solutions without residue.
Kiplant VS-04, Eckosil and Cuperdem in table grapes in Carregado (Portugal)

The efficacy of Kiplant VS-04, Eckosil and Cuperdem was evaluated in the control of Botrytis cinerea in table grapes. 4 applications were conducted, positioned between the fall of the petals and 4 weeks prior to harvest, with Kiplant VS-04 + Cuperdem (3 l/ha +1,5 l/ha) and Cuperdem+Eckosil (2,5 l/ha + 1 l/ha), with a cadence of 10-15 days between treatments.

Results: The application of the Kiplant VS-04 + Cuperdem and Cuperdem + Eckosil revealed an efficacy of 100% compared to the control, having controlled in an effective way the Botrytis cinerea in table grapes.
Eckosil and the nutritional increment in pears in Alcobaça (Portugal)

The efficacy of the Eckosil product was evaluated in the promotion of nutrient absorption on a foliar level and in the reduction of the damage caused by sunburn, in a trial conducted in INIAV (Estação Nacional de Fruticultura Vieira Natividade). 4 foliar applications with Eckosil were conducted at two distinct doses (0,5 l/ha and 1 l/ha). The applications were performed weekly, at high volume (1000 l/ha) and initiated when the fruits reached a diameter of 20 mm.

Results: The foliar analyses for the dose of 1 l/ha evidenced the increase in the content of 13 of the analysed nutrients and at the dose of 0,5 l/ha the increase was verified in 9 of the analysed nutrients. In both doses of Eckosil a significant decrease of the number of fruits with damaged caused by the sunburn was verified compared with the control.

Kiplant VS-04 in the quality and shelf life of raspberry (Netherlands)

The efficacy of Kiplant VS-04 was evaluated in the firmness, quality of the fruits (sugars and pH) and in the shelf life. 2 foliar applications of VS-04 (3 l/ha) were performed, positioned prior to flowering and two weeks later.

Results: Having analysed the fruits on two harvest dates (in the beginning and end of October) and after 5 days of storage had passed, it was verified that in the modality where Kiplant VS-04 was applied there was a 42% increase in the firmness of the fruits vs. control (on both harvest dates) and an increase of 19% after the 5 days of storage. Where Kiplant VS-04 was applied, the fruits present an higher content of sugar a lower pH (standards appreciated by the consumer) and a better visual aspect after 21 days of storage.

closer to the customer
SANTIAGRO 2019 : Feira de Agropecuária e do Cavalo – Santiago do Cacém (Portugal)
In partnership with our distributor Santiluso we were in the biggest agricultural event of the south of the country that occurred between the 30th of May and the 2nd of June.
On the 16thof June about 60 producers and technicians actively participated in the presentation of the results of the Kiplant Blush trial on the increment in coloration of Fuji apple, conducted by Miguel Leão (INIAV researcher) and completed by a follow up visit to the trials of biofertilizers taking place in the orchard of the Estação de Fruticultura Vieira Natividade in partnership with AsfertGlobal. The researcher Luís Carvalho from University of Lisbon approached several topics related to the positive impacts generated in the soil and plants through the application of biofertilizers.
Sever do Vouga (Portugal)
In an organization by the magazine ‘Voz do Campo’ in partnership with AGIM and the Municipality of Sever do Vouga we participated on the 29th of June in the seminar "Conversations are like Blueberries" where we presented some of the new solutions for the modern production of blueberry.
Inserted in the Agricultural Fair of Poceirão that occurred in July, and for an interested audience, we presented Kiplant Blush, fertilizing solution that stimulates the increase of the coloration of Riscadinha apple, traditional product of this region.
customer experience
Producing blueberries without residues is already a reality for Francisco Parente, after deciding to proactively differentiate himself and anticipate a future solicitation of the north american chain that commercialises his production.
We went to listen to him ...
“My idea was to have a ‘more natural product’ and, for that, I adapted the usual way of work resorting to the new tools made available by Asfertglobal.

In the case of the Botrytis that attacks the fruits, I started preventively using the Cuperdem with Kiplant VS-04 mixture, always staying ahead of the conditions favourable to the disease. Before, I resorted to chemical solutions, treating as the symptoms appeared through the counselling of the technician that accompanies me and, in truth, I could not always fully control the fungus. Today by anticipating the problem, AsfertGlobal gave me the solution.”
Another frequent problem in blueberry crop, mainly in the end of the cycle (mid June/start of July), is Powdery mildew. The morning humidity associated to high temperatures and the rains that occurred favoured, this year like the ones before, the installation of the fungus, however, with the new strategy, the season  went splendidly and I didn’t have any problem unlike what happen in other farms in the region.

As in other small fruits, the firmness of the fruit and its shelf life are two crucial parameters in blueberry, and I am applying Eckosil (Silicon) alternating with Kiplant KCa and Kiplant Ca. Besides increasing the firmness, I achieved a reduction in the amount of crumpled fruits (decrease of dehydration) and plants with a higher resistance to the thermic peaks, provided by the regular foliar application of Eckosil.

Through the conducted analyses I managed in one season to start producing without residues offering the consumer a more natural product. In the next campaign, I will initiate an identical strategy with the nectarines and Rocha pear. In the blueberries I’ll fine tune the use of Eckosil as, due to the elevated price of blueberry, any reduction in losses has a considerable economic impact.

And it is incredible the tranquillity and satisfaction I feel, as a father, that my children may at any time pick fruits from the field.”
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